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Balance  is  Off

Hi folks, i'm sorry to say, Balance is taking some time off from the suspension services.  Our core of techs graduated (YAY!!!) and our mainstay tech suffered a significant riding injury that required his return home (Heal up Wolf !) It puts us in an impossible situation without enough techs to support demand.   We will be happy to recommend excellent service providers if you get in touch. 

Keep your Suspensions fresh !

Welcome to Balance

Precision Technicians

Professional Communication

 Rapid Turnaround

East coast suspension service professionals

Balance is mountain bike suspension service center in the ancient mountains of Blacksburg, Virginia.  We believe in better riding through better suspension.

We're committed to professional service & communication.

If you'd like to learn more about the services we offer, click the button below.

How do we fit into your MTB life?

We're here, to perform a manufacturer recommended full service after about 100-200hrs of riding.  This varies according to the product and the abuse it's put through.

Fork and rear shock dampers require detailed full service to perform as designed, we can guarantee your suspension doesn't feel like it did when new.  It's a steady degrading of performance as your components, oil, and grease break down with each use.

The oil used to damp your suspension is cooked, squeezed, and forced through the tiny ports and valves thousands of times per ride. 

This abuse cooks and chops up the long polymer chains in the damper oil, breaking it down to very different viscosity.

The effect of this polymer chain destruction is amplified as the system heats up.

You end up with under-damped, under lubricated, notchy, bleeaaagh performance.

We pull that ol-swamp-water oil out, change all the o-rings and seals, replace anything/everything prone to wear.  We'll inspect & repair internal damage from the massive pressures that riders impart through real-world riding.

We love that fresh suspension feel, and we want you to re-discover it too. ASAP.

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