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Balance  is  Off

Hi folks, i'm sorry to say, Balance is taking some time off from the suspension services.  Our core of techs graduated (YAY!!!) and our mainstay tech suffered a significant riding injury that required his return home (Heal up Wolf !) It puts us in an impossible situation without enough techs to support demand.   We will be happy to recommend excellent service providers if you get in touch. 

Keep your Suspensions fresh !


Do you offer custom tuning?  

No :-(  Although if you are a very light rider (under ~130lbs) or a heavier rider (over ~220lbs) let us know. We may have some useful tweaks to our process that could make your suspension perform better for your unique demands. As of now, we are focused on dialing in your suspension to better than new performance by rebuilding it from the ground up to design specifications.  We are not a “tuning works.” 

That may change in the future.

Is it worth the $?

Do you love riding?  if you ride, it's worth it. Suspension damping oil is broken down in just one weekend of hard DH riding, or a month of hard hitting trail riding.  If you ride a lot, hard, with passion, you will be thrilled by the new ride offered by fresh suspension.

What's the turnaround time? 

Generally speaking, we are working on your components and complete within 2 days of receipt.  Obviously, parts un-availability or severe damage requiring follow up approval for further work can delay the process.  The end result is we usually have your components back to you in about a week if you are East Coast  (East of the Mississippi River).

Whats the best suspension? 

Honestly, right now, there don't seem to be any bad products in the game.  We prefer major players for access to parts, versatile rider range, and overall performance.   We are service people and tinkerers, we like stuff we can get parts for easily.   

Suspension oil? What? 

Suspension oils are the product of a wild, field of study 

Questions? Email us.  Ready? click the form.
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