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Balance  is  Off

Hi folks, i'm sorry to say, Balance is taking some time off from the suspension services.  Our core of techs graduated (YAY!!!) and our mainstay tech suffered a significant riding injury that required his return home (Heal up Wolf !) It puts us in an impossible situation without enough techs to support demand.   We will be happy to recommend excellent service providers if you get in touch. 

Keep your Suspensions fresh !

Who We Are

Ken Lee: Industry vet/local legend, struggling Cat 1 vet DH and happy park lap hound-dog.

Drew Nicolaus: All-around trail shredder, up & down.  Mechanical engineering student at Virginia Tech, President of the VT MTB club, and trail building animal. 

Andrew Issem: Cat 1 DH destroyer, Virginia Tech engineering student, Vice-President of the Tech cycling club, and heavy trail builder.

Scott Pringle: Snappy Cat 1 DH racer, Virginia Tech engineering student, DH park connoisseur, and budding event promotor.

Max Klavercamp: Master of going too fast, in all conditions, on all trails. All-arounder. Graduating Sr. at Roanoke College.

Why do we do it?

Here’s the deal. Our crew is like yours: we ride a lot. 

Plush, dialed suspension lets us fly. 

We want you to share the experience.

We take this work and the trust you place in us, seriously.

We love it when suspension works great!

We're only a click away.
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